First day in Paris (22.07.2009)  

Posted by europe-city-guides

The first full day in Paris started with an early visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral. At around 9.00 AM we were among the first visitor inside this magnificent Gothic Cathedral.

After visiting the interior we decided to enjoy the view of Paris from the Notre-Dame Tower. Because the Tower opens at 10.00 AM we still had some time to take photos and wander around. It really worth climbing 400 stairs because the view was splendid and so we had the chance to see the major attractions of Paris from above.

The Gargoyles were there guarding Notre-Dame from possible enemies.

We continued the walk to the Square Jean XXIII and then we went to see the Marche aux Oiseaux which is near the Metro Station.

Then we passed near Palais de Justice and then visited Saint Chapelle and we were lucky because it was a sunny day so the stained-glass windows were impressive.

The afternoon was reserved to the Marais area. We started from Hotel de Sens, Hotel Beauvais and when we were on the Rue Francois Miron we noticed a sort of gallery. The lady from inside invited us to visit the place and we went down and there we could see Abbey The House of Ourscamp. This cellar served as a warehouse for the monks of Ourscamp.
We then wanted to pass by Hotel de Ville. In our way we stopped and admired St Gervais - St Protais.

Centre George Pompidou was our next destination but first we passed Tour Saint Jacques and we decided that one climb was enough for today.

We dind't spent that much time inside Centre George Pompidou because modern art isn't really on our list of interests. We visited Saint Merry Church which is very close to Pompidou.

The place we were so excited to visit was the l‘Atelier Brancusi which is a reconstruction of his studio which contains different sculptures. Among the most famous works are The Endless Column, Sleeping Muse, The Kiss, Miss Pogany.
We then went to The Forum les Halles, which we expected to be a not safe area and it was indeed like that. It was full of police officers walking around making sure that everything is alright. After that, we visited Church Saint-Eustache, which is another Parisian gothic gem. We also noticed near by the Bourse the Commerce.

The day ended visiting the Passage Grand Cerf.

It was indeed a lovely day and we were delighted that we managed to visit so many places on a single day